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3 Reasons Why the 3-5-2 is Awesome

Football managers have their preferences in style, mentality and formations. They take their ideals and concepts to most clubs they join. There’s little doubt that the 4-2-3-1 formation is the default, go to formation for modern managers. But, there’s a lot to be about the 3-5-2 formation working well in the modern game. In this article, we’re going to highlight three reasons why 3-5-2 is a great formation.

3) Two up front again 

It feels like an eternity since we saw the old fashioned two partner forward pairing. The vast majority of footballing teams these days put their faith in one forward. They dress it up like it’s three with the wingers but football purists know the differences between strikers and wingers.

Remember a few decades ago when we had partnerships like Yorke and Cole, Del Piero and Trezeguet and Ronaldo and Raul? These partnerships live in the memory of fans who support them. There’s nothing more enjoyable than watching two forward up front in sync, something attested by football tipsters like EPL Tips.

Playing the 3-5-2 formation brings back these days and lets a striker have a partner again. The great thing about the two up front is that if one is in poor form, the other can carry the goalscoring burden.

2) Allows for both possession and counter attacking

The 3-5-2 is a fluid and flexible formation. It allows a team to keep possession, as they are operating with 5 across the midfield. This swamps the opposition in the middle of the park and can allow them to dominate the ball. Filling the midfield is something both defensive and attacking minded teams can employ. It can work for both cautious and gung ho managers.

It also works as an effective counter attacking style. The wingers are tasked with bombing down the flanks and supporting the forward, whipping in balls and pitching in with assists. The three centre backs handle the lone forward they usually play against. This frees up the wingers and one or two midfielders to burst on opposition in counter attacking opportunities.

1) Forces mistakes from opposition 

Playing a 3-5-2 formation often results in more mistakes from opposing teams. The 3-5-2 usually requires the wingers and attackers to press opposition high up the field. This is something they’re not accustomed to doing in their defensive thirds. Most teams allow you opponents to at least reach the halfway line before putting pressure on. Pushing everyone farther upfield is a great way to enforce errors. Opposition also struggle to deal with the wingers who bombard them with runs, crosses and track back too.